A guide to 3 days in Ho Chi Minh City

3 days in Ho Chi Minh City

I find that when settling in one place after being on the move for a while it becomes very easy to get stuck into the day to day routine.

Whilst living and working in Ho Chi Minh city (formally Saigon), it was easy to think I’ve got plenty of time here, until it got very near to the end and I realised there was still a lot I hadn’t done. What’s great about living in a place is you get to see the local side of it but perhaps don’t get round to all the main ‘tourist’ attractions.

Luckily, my parents were coming out to visit before we headed back to Hoi An so I excitedly got planning a 3 day itinerary for when they were here.… Read more

How to find an English teaching job in Vietnam

Before I left the UK to travel India and Southeast Asia this year, getting an English teaching job in Vietnam was already on the agenda. I don’t mean I had a job lined up, I was going with the intention of rocking up and finding one. Obviously earning some more cash to prolong the travels was a big motivator and I was looking for something productive to do.

Gaining some experience in a job that can be done most places in the world also sold it for me, like it does for many. With a degree in English Language but totally unrelated job history I decided this would be a great way to finally put it to good use. That’s definitely not to say you need an English degree, or a degree at all in some cases, which I’ll come to later in this post!… Read more

Tailor made in Hoi An | Dress, suit and bags

I was fortunate enough to visit Hoi An twice during my 3 months in Vietnam. The first was on the route down from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City and the second was when my parents came out to visit on holiday.

The first time Adam and I were there we spent a rushed 3 days changing accommodation each morning due to over bookings. We got to explore the ancient town and spent a couple of hours at the beach but we left without having time to really think about one of the main attractions, getting something tailor made!

Also, you need to go in knowing what you want. I was pretty certain I wanted a new dress but wasn’t sure of the style. So after a couple of months living in Ho Chi Minh City I was ready to go back with something in mind.… Read more

Vietnam highlight | Motorbiking from Hue to Hoi An

I can’t quite believe it’s been 2 and a half months since I arrived in Vietnam. It feels like longer because a lot seems to have happened in that short space of time.

We’ve travelled down from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City where we are are currently living and working, so there are plenty of things I have still to write about my time here. Here’s one of the highlights!… Read more

Ha Long Bay on a budget and away from the crowds

Ha Long Bay

About 5 hours from Hanoi in northeast Vietnam lies Ha Long Bay; a UNESCO world heritage site with 1,600 limestone islands sprouting from emerald coloured sea.

Anyone taking a trip to northern Vietnam will most likely pay a visit here as it’s one of country’s most well known attractions.

The problem with it being such a popular tourist attraction is that there are a huge amount of tour agencies competing with each other, a lot of them offering expensive, poor quality trips.

With arranged boat tours from Hanoi having a reputation for cramming 30+ people on poorly maintained boats and providing a crowded and rushed experience, it was hard to know which agency to go with.

I’m a fan of doing things independently wherever possible but it was proving tricky to find a way.

Then I heard about Cat Ba Island… Read more