Sydney’s iconic harbourside theme park | Luna Park

Since arriving in Australia it’s been super hard not to worry about how expensive it is. After 8 months in Asia it’s taken a little while to transition and get to grips with everything costing 4 times more again, especially here in Sydney!

To save as much as possible and be able to explore more of this huge country I’m currently working a full time job, often 6 days a week. Seeing as my free time is now sparse and I’m still trying to budget, maybe even more so, I’m always on the look out for fun things to do that won’t break the bank.… Read more

Angkor Wat and around | Competing for the best photo spot at sunrise

Seeing Angkor Wat at sunrise is one of the most recommended and popular things to do in Siem Reap, Cambodia. One thing I didn’t realise until it was too late was if you buy your ticket after 5pm the evening before, it’s valid for the next day therefore you can visit at both sunset and sunrise.

Passes to the temple complex are available for 1 day at $20, 3 days at $40 and 7 days at $60. Adam and I were undecided for a while whether to go for the 3 day pass, or the 1 day pass and just focus on the most popular and well known temples.

In the end having done Hampi in India and recently Myson in Vietnam, we agreed we’d had our fix of temple ruins and were happy to go for the 1 day. It was also more agreeable with our budget, though I think 2 or 3 days would have been a perfect amount of time to explore a little further and at a more leisurely pace.… Read more

Ha Long Bay on a budget and away from the crowds

Ha Long Bay

About 5 hours from Hanoi in northeast Vietnam lies Ha Long Bay; a UNESCO world heritage site with 1,600 limestone islands sprouting from emerald coloured sea.

Anyone taking a trip to northern Vietnam will most likely pay a visit here as it’s one of country’s most well known attractions.

The problem with it being such a popular tourist attraction is that there are a huge amount of tour agencies competing with each other, a lot of them offering expensive, poor quality trips.

With arranged boat tours from Hanoi having a reputation for cramming 30+ people on poorly maintained boats and providing a crowded and rushed experience, it was hard to know which agency to go with.

I’m a fan of doing things independently wherever possible but it was proving tricky to find a way.

Then I heard about Cat Ba Island… Read more

An alternative to Khao San Road, Bangkok

When last in Bangkok, my friend and I found ourselves staying in the infamous backpacker haunt of Khao San Road. At 19 years old and arriving in Thailand for the first time, we welcomed the no frills budget accommodation, cheap bars and wacky street vendors. Scorpion on a stick anyone?

I don’t even recall us leaving the area until it was time to head to the airport.

Six years later, in exploration mode as apposed to just cheap booze and late night piercings mode, I found myself wondering why the heck we didn’t bother seeing anything else around the city!… Read more