The Perhentian Islands | Malaysia’s ultimate backpacker paradise

The Perhentian Islands were top of my list when I knew that we were travelling through Malaysia to fly out of Singapore. Apparently these tiny paradise islands are well known on the backpacker trail but I’d only heard of them from an old work colleague, otherwise I might have skipped over the tiny section in the Rough Guide.

Despite its popularity, we didn’t run into any other backpackers heading that way or who had been.  So I’m very glad I was sold before leaving the UK.

Think pristine, picture-perfect white sand beaches, turquoise waters, ramshackle huts, fire shows, shisha pipes, impeccable snorkelling and diving conditions plus everything cheap as chips… The ultimate backpacker paradise!Read more

Koh Rong, Cambodia | Sun, sea and nightlife in low season

When Adam and I made our way to Cambodia we knew we wanted to make it to some of the notorious chilled out beaches.

We arrived in Phnom Penh and got straight to visiting the Killing Fields and S21 museum. (Both are must dos and as you would imagine, make for an emotional and eye opening experience). There wasn’t a lot else going on for us in the city of Phnom Penh itself so we were looking forward to heading down to the beaches around Sihanoukville, mainly Otres beach, which I’d heard and read so much about.

Our friend, Karolina, was down there and warned us that it was extremely quiet. As a very out going solo traveller I thought maybe she might have a different perspective compared to Adam and I! We don’t mind a bit of chill every now and then but as soon as we arrived in Otres I realised that when she said quiet, she really meant quiet!… Read more

Ha Long Bay on a budget and away from the crowds

Ha Long Bay

About 5 hours from Hanoi in northeast Vietnam lies Ha Long Bay; a UNESCO world heritage site with 1,600 limestone islands sprouting from emerald coloured sea.

Anyone taking a trip to northern Vietnam will most likely pay a visit here as it’s one of country’s most well known attractions.

The problem with it being such a popular tourist attraction is that there are a huge amount of tour agencies competing with each other, a lot of them offering expensive, poor quality trips.

With arranged boat tours from Hanoi having a reputation for cramming 30+ people on poorly maintained boats and providing a crowded and rushed experience, it was hard to know which agency to go with.

I’m a fan of doing things independently wherever possible but it was proving tricky to find a way.

Then I heard about Cat Ba Island… Read more

Delhi to Agra on second class unreserved

It’s quite common for trains to depart late in India, especially in the north. And when I say late I’m talking at least an hour or two. The longest delay I’ve heard over the public address system was nineteen hours! (Never again will I complain about the National Rail in England). This doesn’t go for all train journeys of course, but when you add a few unnecessary stops in the middle of the Indian countryside you should generally prepare for a bit of delay.… Read more