Top 10 travel moments of 2015

Top travel moments 2015

Wait, what, it’s 2016 already?! Here I am still still trying to catch up with last year. This month also marks a year since I said goodbye to the UK to travel indefinitely… something I’m still trying to get my head around. What was 8 months of planned adventure has now turned into a fantastic 12, so in true New Year fashion I’ve put together a list of my top 10 travel moments of 2015.… Read more

How to survive a 34 hour train journey in India | Pondicherry to Kolkata

You know you’ve done a fair bit of travelling when any journey under 5 hours seems like an absolute breeze and you can’t comprehend how you ever complained about those 3 hour trips back home.

I’m totally used to long, overnight journeys now but even after a dozen Indian sleeper trains, this 34 hour journey from Pondicherry to Kolkata was taking it a step further. In this case the train departed just before midday so that was a hell of a lot of time awake and only 1 night’s sleep to pass the time with!… Read more

A 2 month itinerary around India

One of the things I spent a lot of time researching before setting off on my Indian adventure this year was a 2 month itinerary around India. I’d already spent a month there before, going from Delhi to Goa and covering various places in between. This time 2 months felt like a good amount of time to revisit a few places and see lots more.

There’s so much to see in the subcontinent that 2 months still wasn’t nearly enough time and I could have easily stayed double that to explore further. I left knowing there are so many more places I want to go, such as Amritsar, Darjeeling and Dharamsala, and that it wouldn’t be the last goodbye.

Here’s a run down of my route around IndiaRead more

7 of the best shopping spots in India

There’s no doubt about it, India is a shopper’s paradise. From handmade textiles to jewellery to art you can pick up a range of amazing souvenirs and presents for an absolute bargain – depending on your haggling skills of course! I could easily take a trip to India just to shop. Here I share 7 of the best shopping spots in India and a few purchases from each destination.… Read more

Assi Ghat | A great place to stay in Varanasi

The Hindu city of Varanasi is India’s, and one of the world’s, most religious and oldest living cities. Also known as Banaras or Banares, it was actually the last stop on this two month journey around India. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better end to the trip so I couldn’t wait to write about it!… Read more